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        DMF號  項目持有人  項目名稱  
        1 本數據庫收錄了向美國FDA提交的藥物主文檔(Drug Master File,DMF)目錄。
        2 您可以在DMF提交信息庫中搜索DMF號、項目持有人(Holder)、項目名稱(Subject)。
        Ampacet Corp Basf Aktiengesellschaft Cipla Ltd
        Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd Diosynth Bv Flavors North America Inc
        Chemicals Inc Lupin Ltd Ganes Mallinckrodt Inc
        Matrix Laboratories Ltd Polyone Corp Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
        Sigma F And D Div Ltd Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
        “A” = Active. This means that the DMF was found acceptable for filing, administratively, and is up-to-date.
        “I” = Inactive
        “N” = Not an assigned number
        “P” = DMF Pending Filing Review
        Ⅰ Manufacturing Site, Facilities, Operating Procedures, and Personnel (no longer applicable)
        Ⅱ Drug Substance, Drug Substance Intermediate, and Material Used in Their Preparation, or Drug Product
        Ⅲ Packaging Material
        Ⅳ Excipient, Colorant, Flavor, Essence, or Material Used in Their Preparation
        Ⅴ FDA Accepted Reference Information
        其他庫:化學品法規 中國專利 國際專利 國家標準 國際標準 化學品安全數據庫(msds) 外貿常識 合同范本 報關指南 商檢指南 國際區號 國家代碼